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Oct 27, 2012 8:00am PDT
whole communities around the globe. here is what we have coming up for you today. education dream, how bollywood helps the disadvantage learn how to read. protecting mexico's forests, a new drive to create protected areas. fishermen in cameroon, how they can help save local fish stocks. being able to read and write is essential for a self-determined life. the united nations estimates some 796 million people are currently electorate, and therefore excluded from access to many tools for personal and economic development. on average, 79% of the world population can read and write. this average is distributed very differently across the world's major regions. almost all europeans can read. in asia, the middle east, and sub-saharan africa are struggling to reach similar levels. across the board, women and girls have a harder time in getting access to education. some 70 million children are currently not going to school. india has done reasonably well in boosting literacy rates since independence. yet, there are entire slums were few children are able to read. the indian entrepreneur britsch
Oct 29, 2012 9:30am PDT
for sustainable fishing methods. he wants to educate people who scarcely think twice about where their fish come from. global 3000 followed him out to sea. >> a sleepy little fishing village on italy's west coast. paolo fanciulli looks like an ordinary fisherman -- but impressions can be deceiving. he hauls in fish -- and people, too. he's taking these tourists out on his fishing boat, the sirena, and telling them about the fish in this part of the mediterranean. the lesson begins as soon as they enter the fishing grounds. paolo only uses gillnets. the mesh of these nets is large enough that baby fish can't get caught in them. years ago paolo noticed that his catch was getting ever smaller. and he realized that fish are not a limitless resource. >> tourists come in the summer and only see the beautiful side of the sea. but the sea has a problem. in our consumer culture, 90% of the products we use wind up in the sea -- solvents and detergents harm not only the environment but people, too. they develop more and more allergies. >> but fanciulli is also fighting against the use of drift- and trawl n
Nov 2, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, the facility offers three master's degree programs using german educational standards. >> in the egyptian desert directly next to the resort is where you'll find the egyptian satellite campus of the technical university of berlin. the campus cost 40 million euros to build. it is the brainchild of an egyptian multimillion there. the result is the 10,000 square meter campus. students enrolled in energy engineering, urban development, and water engineering. as to the body consists of 27 men and three women from india, china, south africa and egypt. >> i want a program that is more or less a mix of here and abroad. i did not want to do two consecutive years in germany, and i'm afraid i will never come back to egypt. >> the university wants students to go home when they graduate and contribute to their country's development. this didn't come from johannesburg to study water and engineering. she will be spending her second semester in berlin. >> i am looking forward to it. hopefully i come back in october. that should be really cool. i look forward to meeting new people in berlin in making new
Oct 26, 2012 5:30pm PDT
to have the right to an education. she was in critical condition. she was sent to britain for advanced medical treatment. her father said she's recovering with encouraging speed. he thanked people around the world for their support. >> everyone across the world, they prayed for my daughter. which is not only my daughter, she's the daughter of everybody. >> malala's doctors say she can communicate in writing. they say she's stable but needs to stay in hospital for more operations. >>> getting the u.s. economy back on track is one of the big e issues in the country's election. it could boost barack obama's chances of winning a second term. the economy grew slightly more in the third quarter of this year. released their preliminary gross domestic product figures for the july to september period. gdp grew at an annualized rate after 2%. economists forecasted growth at 1.9%. the rate in the previous quarter was 1.3% which led to further concerns about the economic outlook. consumers helped lead improvement in the latest quarter. personal consumption accounts for nearly 3/4 of the activity a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)